weekend in review

I had a really super weekend. very busy. am very sleepy, but am having a hard time making myself totter off to bed.

* friday I drove into brooklyn for my friend jenn’s birthday party. it was wonderful – one of those adult parties that is super fun, and where all different areas of her life showed up and made lots of good conversation. I got there around 8 and was shocked (shocked!) when suddenly it was 11 and I had to dash. I was picking up ranger (rachel) at the train in prep for our:

* sat. at the sheep and wool festival. it was so nuts! rachel and I had secretly thought that sarah, being, you know, pregnant, would not be up for a long day. we were so wrong. we met at 10 and didn’t get out of there until 3:30. and then there was fierce traffic. but I had a good time, super good! and bought some fibery stuff. yay.

* sat. night was the alumni art auction and casino night. it’s always a stellar good time. my skirt went over very well, and all the dealers at the craps table were totally flirting with me (hee!) and therefore I didn’t bust out of my fake chips at the very beginning when there was an unprecidented run of bad shooters.  I bid on art but didn’t win anything. it was great! also, paula came, and then I suggested we hit kareoke afterwards.

* kareoke afterwards! I sang private dancer and jolene, two of the saddest songs ever. it was so fun. I caught the 4:30 bus home. am very tired today.

* I did manage to get moving in time to meet rachel for marie antionette this afternoon. we brought cupcakes from the cupcake cafe in with us and the movie was pretty great. not as punk rock fun as I thought it would be, but still very good. and GOSH but versailles is a ridiculous place!

* tonight I made me some dinner and read a book. and goofed off. am going to sleep right now.