Daily Archives: 7/28/2005

CSA Wk 7


Tomatoes! corn, yellow squash, eggplant, cukes, zuchinni, biscayne peppers (I think, based on the Kretchmann’s shares), a green pepper, and beans.

what’s left:
Wk 4: purple cabbage, and dill.
Wk 5: Non-spicy peppers, a cucumber, a zuchinni, beets, potatoes, lemon balm or lemon mint (?), and oregano.
Wk 6: non-spicy peppers (these all have to be biscayne, I think!), green pepper, jalapeno peppers, bag of beans, oregano, cucumber, zuchinni, eggplants.

Last week I used some of the biscayne peppers and swiss chard in one of those yummy layered quesedillas. and only last night I mashed up the basil from Wk 6 into pesto. I ate the corn from last week raw, which was super, except for the couple of ears that I left at work all weekend accidentally and couldn’t eat.

Tonight I’m going to use up my old eggplants for thai green curry (because I actually have curry paste now, yay!) and will toss in zuchinni, beans, and biscayne peppers. Someone gave me an idea for stuffed biscayne peppers (a chili rellano, really) with corn, which sounds awesome! and I am kind of craving fried yellow squash. The zuchinni I need to make breads with, I made a really tasty one with dark chocolate chips and whole wheat flour last year in Pittsburgh. and the tomatoes, well, I chopped a bunch to toss with my pesto noodles today at lunch, and ate one last night. SO GOOD. fresh tomatoes? are amazing.

So I’ll stop by the store tonight to pick up necessities like whole wheat flour, avocados, chocolate chips, cinnamon, eggs, milk, brown sugar, and other sundries like fresh limes.

and GOSH, but at 11AM on a day you didn’t eat breakfast is NOT the best time to post about food plans. AM SO HUNGRY. BUT, I did throw a lot of extra veggies into my lunch bag: like a big cucumber, a green pepper, some corn… I’m going to have to start munching.