Daily Archives: 7/21/2005

CSA wk 6

csa wk 6

poorly pictured are non-spicy peppers, green pepper, jalapeno peppers, bag of beans, oregano, basil, mint, cucumber, zuchinni, corn, eggplants, and NOT a CSA tomato.

Also, check these out:
csa wk 6 flowers
Beautiful flowers!
Unfortunately they got a titch bit wilty when I went grocery shopping on the way home. le sigh. but they are so pretty!

what’s left:
Wk 3: radishes
Wk 4: purple cabbage, and dill.
Wk 5: Non-spicy peppers, a cucumber, a zuchinni, swiss chard, beets, potatoes, lemon balm or lemon mint (?), and oregano.

I still need to get matt’s mom’s recipe for cabbage salad. The corn I started bringing to work to eat raw, so I’ll do that with this week’s corn too. I mean to use all non-spicy peppers in some kind of stir fry with chard, or to do a chili rellano dish. And spices? heck, gotta start using!

This week my big need is to use up chard and zucchini. probably will start making zuchinni bread, b/c it’s so very good. I should freeze some of the mint so I can have mojito’s all summer long. and the oregano would go very nicely in some kind of italian food, I bet…

Not a lot of BIG COOKING items left, but there’s a few to get through!

I DID THROW SOMETHING AWAY. my first toss. It was a bag of mustard greens. It hurt me more than it hurt them, particularly as they had begun disolving into goo. I’m doing awfully well, so I won’t beat myself up about it.