Daily Archives: 7/7/2005

in other news: CSA Wk 4

CSA wk 4

Pictured are purple cabbage, tiny cukes little thai eggplants, 2 heads of lettuce, dill, mint, potatoes, and mmm, baby bok choi.

I haven’t done a very good job from last week with my veggies!

I just finished the head of lettuce, and the beets, and I haven’t touched the rest (a head of cabbage, a bag of spinach, some very small radishes and greens, a bag of chard, some red potatoes). I meant to bring the spinich in to eat, but totally forgot about it!

I DID finish a couple of things outliers from wk 2: I ate the pesto and cooked the cabbage in that white bean soup, and
Soon I mean to cook all my potatoes, I’ll roast them will dill and whole cloves of garlic in the oven. That, at least, will be quite tasty.

Here’s my listing of veggies still-to-be-eaten:

Wk 1: thyme
Wk 2: dill, arugala
Wk 3: cabbage, chard, radishes+greens, potatoes, spinich
and now Wk 4 to add to the list…

OK, big plans:

I should cook the spinich b/c it’s a little old. Spinich pie? quiche? I like quiche fine except for the crust.

use thyme and dill and potatoes for roasting with garlic.

I can cook the radish greens and the arugala together. It was really good in that pasta dish I made.

Chard… hm. dunno.

salads of lettuce, radishes, and cukes. 2 heads ought to last me 4 days. (fri, mon, tues, weds, sweet.)

stir fry the baby bok choi with butter, soy sauce, and nutritional yeast. serve on rice.

The purple cabbage would be pretty in a salad or something. I’ll hunt for recipes.

and the mint? MOJITOS. Whoot!

London is Calling…

The events today in London have shaken me up. On the one hand, it’s very surreal: here in the office there isn’t a lot of concern for it. I don’t think anyone has mentioned it to me at all. But I have a lot of friends (internet and otherwise) who are incredibly concerned, and are focused on the news. The discrepency really throws me. Yesterday I was thinking about the olympics bid, and how worthy london was to have won because they really really wanted it, they were really really excited. If NYC had won there wouldn’t be the excitement, joy, unity. There would be people upset about the inconvenience, and general apathy. And now that London has suffered terrible terrorist bombings I am concerned about our reaction. We didn’t offer much of a reaction to Madrid in their time of awful either. So while I’m worrying about London, I’m also worrying about America.

And God, but I remember the terrible waiting period after September 11th in New York City, when we weren’t sure if there was another shoe to drop and if it would. I remember waiting to find out who, of those I know, were spared, and the slow scramble to locate my tourist step-sister. I remember the loud silence in the streets as people wondered what to do with themselves, how they could get home, and later, how they could help. And for all of the horrors that NYC experienced that day, we didn’t have the mass injuries and amputations to deal with and to remind us of what happened. My heart goes out to those who are waiting and coping in London.