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CSA Week 5

Week 5

Wow, there was quite a haul this week.

The share includes:
Corn, non-spicy peppers, a cucumber, a zuchinni, baby bok choi, swiss chard, beets, potatoes, a GIANT bunch of basil, lemon balm or lemon mint (?), oregano, and thai eggplants

and what a giant bunch of basil!
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So for dinner I had a coworker over and we enjoyed chard (wk 3) sauteed/wilted with garlicy olive oil, cheese tortellini with pesto, and corn. SO GOOD.

And here’s my update on the weeks:

    Veggies remaining:

Wk 3: radishes
Wk 4: purple cabbage, little thai eggplants, dill, and baby bok choi. Oh, and a sneaky head of lettuce that was in my crisper drawer and that I totally forgot about! I was patting myself on the back for finishing all the lettuce in my lunch today, and then I opened the crisper drawer and my jaw dropped. I actually said (to myself, because I live alone) “Oh, HECK!.” I was so surprised.

    what I did:

I used the dill, thyme, and potatoes to roast with garlic, which turned out marvelously. I used a tad too much oil, but roasting whole unpeeled cloves of garlic with potatoes is my favorite trick. Just squeeze the roasted garlic out when you’re eating the potatoes! so good!

I made the roasted pine nut/parm cheese pasta with the arugua and radish greens, and this time I used whole wheat pasta, which matt still deemed hearty, but I think it was more eatable than the spelt for him. (dude’s not as used to whole grains as I am, I guess…)

The mint, now, I mentioned the mojitos. Yum.

As for

    what’s left:

Tonight I’m going to do a big saute with butter, baby bok choi, nutritional yeast, and soy sauce. and I’m saving the purple cabbage to make a cabbage salad that matt’s mom makes, it’s so good. sadly, though, she is out of town this week so I can’t get the recipe until this weekend.

the little thai eggplants are for a green curry. yum, but I have to find a recipe! I saved the purple basil when I made the pesto for the thai curry too, basil in thai food is so good.

the radishes I can eat with the last sneaky head of lettuce. gosh, I really honestly thought I was about done with that stuff.

I need to make some kind of dill/cucumber/yogurt dish. Dill is so good. If I had more time I’d make bread with dill in it, but that’ll have to wait until next week.

The chard I’ll do the wilty garlicy trick again, but I’ll add those new green peppers too. And probably serve with pasta and pine nuts (I LOVE pine nuts) as a main course instead of a side like last night.

Not too shabby. at all. Esp. as I was reminded last night as I picked up my share (when I met The Farmer! yay!) that this CSA is generally for about 2 adults and maybe 2 kids. And there is Just Me, versus a MOUNTAIN OF VEGGIES. hee.