Daily Archives: 7/12/2005

Good to know.

in case it comes up, NJ regs clearly specify that swine food is NOT a solid waste:

N.J.A.C. 7:26G-5.4 Swine food
Pursuant to the Solid Waste Management Act, the definition of solid waste shall not include solid animal or vegetable wastes collected by swine producers, licensed by the State Department of Agriculture, who collect, prepare and feed such wastes to swine on their own farms.

honda specs out!

there’s not a lot of hard numbers available still, but honda has started to release information about the new hybrid and newly designed civic.

treehugger has the pertinent information linked. And it’s a great blog, too.

the new design looks like it’s got a bigger electric engine and some fancy engine controls that keeps all cylinders from going at the same time. It looks super efficient, and I think it must be considered a full hybrid now (up until now all hondas were mild hybrids, relying on the battery for assists only. the full hybrid [such as the prius] can run on the electric motor alone.) which is so cool.

I am super excited about the car! it really looks like it will be more efficient and smaller and lighter than current models, which is all important to me. The only thing that remains to be seen is the transmission: will they have a manual, or will they faze it out in favor of the CVT? hopefully honda will stick to it’s street racing creds and cater to those of us who appreciate the manual transmission for power boost and for fun driving. I have a call in to the albany honda guy and I hope he gets back to me soon!