This will be the weirdest post for (perhaps every) February

I learned today that it’s “traditionally acceptable” for women to ask men to marry them during a leap year. Clearly, with my egalitarian ideals I have heretofore missed out on untold opportunities to ask men to marry me. (well, at least 8 opportunities. I’m just 34 years old.) I also learned that it’s traditional in Denmark to compensate the spurned lady with 12 pairs of gloves if you reject her.

Tonight Mike and I had A Big Talk.

Me: so it’s leap year. will you….?

Mike: Funny you should ask, I just found a big box of gloves.

Me: GOOD. it will help you to STAUNCH THE BLEEDING.

(we do love each other very much. clearly. and on that big day, we’re totally giving this song a prominent position in all festivities:)

Here concludes the Fuzzygalore 29 in 29 challenge! I think it went rather well, what do you think?