Daily Archives: 2/28/2012

Online Eyeglasses

I’ve been shopping around for online eyeglasses, and have plummeted down the Warby Parker rabbit hole. I also ordered three pairs for about $40 from Zenni Optical. They just shipped, and should arrive this week.

I have worn hard lenses (rigid gas permeable) since I was 19 years old, in college, wearing my soft lenses for two years straight and for 20 hours a day. Remember when insurance companies would only buy you one pair of lenses – glasses OR soft contacts – every two years? I had a problem with protein deposits and my corneas became slightly misshapen, and I was put into RGP lenses by an eye doctor who affirmed I was too irresponsible to care for soft lenses.

The thing is, RGP lenses corrected my eyes AMAZINGLY. I had the clearest and most wonderful vision with them! I could wear them all day and most of the night! And I didn’t have to get new ones unless the old ones broke – in the last 15 years I’ve only had 4 pairs of lenses! and now I’m wearing soft lenses and they make my eyes itch after about 15 hours, and they aren’t as sharply corrective, and they are so very wasteful. I miss my hard lenses. So I am compensating with lots of pretty glasses, for those days when I just can’t get these big soft pieces of plastic into my eyes.

For reference, these are my old glasses:


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