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I’m working on Mike’s xmas gift. (um, yes. Christmas 2011.) Normally I make Mike and the little dudes xmas hats, but this year I wanted to do something a little special for him, and asked him to pick out a mitten pattern from my ravelry favorites. Clearly, he made the best and most obvious choice and picked the Octopus Mittens.


Normally I’m a terribly slow and inconsistent knitter, but these mittens are so rewarding to knit. Between the variation of the orange yarn and the neat pattern, I can’t wait to work on them and see what happens next. This photo is from this morning, and I managed to finish knitting the hand and half of the thumb in the car on my way home from Pittsburgh (oh Mike is awesome for driving) – I can’t wait to cast off and see how it looks all put together. Of course, I will still have to knit Mitten #2, but I am hopeful that it will be almost as exciting as the first one was!

Now, I know some of my new blog/twitter friends are knitters – show yourselves!

I’m blogging a photo a day for the month of February. You should too! #29in29

Mardi Gras!

It’s a little early this year, but I had a great time at the 9th Annual Sharuchallard Mardi Gras party with the old Pittsburgh Gang. Mike and I drove out on Friday night and stayed with Kelly – we got to play with Erik in the morning and he showed me all his stuff, and then I bought bulk maple syrup and lots of good soap from the Pittsburgh Food Co-Op before heading over to Greenfield for the party.

Jesse and Aurora had bottled beer at the Copper Kettle Brewery near their home, where you can stop by, mix up some beer for a couple of hours, let it ferment at the brewery, and return in 2 weeks to bottle the beer. What a cool idea, right? There’s an article about it here.

Mike blew me away with his “To Kill a Mockingbird” shirt, based on the anniversary edition book cover. When he gets a post up on his blog I’ll link to it directly. And as for Kelly and I – the theme was “A Novel Approach.” Kelly was a tour book for Hawaii, and I was the lady on the cover of this book.  No one could guess, I didn’t even make them try. There are very few people in the 30s to 40s set who have read as many Mary Stewart books as I have, I bet.

I’m blogging a photo a day for the month of February. You should too! #29in29

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