CSA Week 5


corn, beets, cubanelle peppers, hot peppers, kermit/thai eggplant, purple eggplant, chard, basil (from the take what you want bin), a cucumber, green pepper, and pea pods (I think).

week 2: potatoes

week 3: potatoes

week 4: potatoes, green peppers, lettuce, oregano, radishes, watercress

tonight I need to do things to potatoes, watercress, and also use up the avocados I bought earlier in the week. maybe this watercress quac, though I think the watercress avocado salad looks good too. oh, and look: watercress bubble and squeak! that uses watercress AND potato. perfect!

this is the cabbage shitake salad I made this week:


you can see the stir fry oil, which is so very very tasty, on the side. it includes ginger and garlic oils, yum! I used it to fry the tofu for the bok choi saute. it was amazing.

last night I:

boiled beets


snapped and boiled a mess of wax beans


made pesto, dressed wax beans with pesto for breakfast pestobeans

steamed kale and mustard greens and made a modified tahini dressing


I also sliced the cucumber, half of the old radishes, and a green pepper to bring to work today.