Daily Archives: 7/26/2006

tractor-trailer truck tire vs. insight.

last tuesday I unforetunately ran over a tractor trailer truck tire cast off. or as I said to the insurance company: I struck a piece of road debris. It flew out from under the guy ahead of me and I went right over it (bump BUMP) and then I had that awful moment of fear where you check your mirrors to make sure nothing has fallen off of your car. luckily not. BUT I have a lot of body damage, so I am getting “body work.” snerk. I dropped off my wee, wonderful, sweet little insight today so they could do the following:

  • refinish bumper
  • reattach bumper (all the brackets are broken, or something
  • replace the rubber spoilers that are in front of and behind the passenger side front wheel
  • replace the aluminum shields on the undercarrage (upon hearing which my brother suggested I request the shields back b/c “aluminum is going for $0.65 a pound these days!”)
  • replace the cross member that is below the radiator
  • remove and check the a/c compressor because it was disloged by the “road debris”
  • align the hood
  • fiddle with the headlights, and
  • align the tires.

Man! I will have my car back on monday (one hopes) and until then I’m driving a chevy cobalt sedan. Automatic transmission. it is No Good. ok, I’m exaggerating. it’s an economy car according to the rental place, but shoot, it looks like a little tank!

also, driving this car around has made me realize why American’s don’t drive small cars: if you want to drive an automatic, you basically HAVE to drove an overpowered beast of a vehicle. it’s too hokey to drive a small automatic transmissioned car. you don’t get any pick-up. it’s annoying!

and on top of all of that I feel totally out of control b/c I don’t have any of my cool mpg displays, and also, I feel so out of place in the cobalt. like, I want to tell people “hey! it’s not mine! it’s a rental! I have a Really Cool car!” I would like to say that I don’t identify with my car, but I always have. I loved having the banged up civic because it was so punk rock. and I love driving my wee insight because it’s an unusual car. and now I’m in a cobalt sedan. Ick.