Daily Archives: 7/23/2006


sat. night michelle, delia, and I went to a show. we saw peaches and the eagles of heavy metal and it was so rock’n’roll awesome. dan aaron would have LOVED it, I’ve never seen so many people outside of my family throwin’ horns! \m/

peaches was especially wild. people were asking me how to describe her and I didn’t know what to say, exactly, so I said “she’s, well, she does punk feminist electronica, sort of. with a lot of gender bending. and her lyrics are pretty confrontational.” the thing is, I expected a le tigre kind of show – a lot of girls, but not many guys at all. there were a LOT of y chromosomes at this show. we were surrounded by guys who Really Really got down. lots of dancing and singing and fist pumping and whooting. it was nuts, and fun, and weird, all at the same time.

the ONLY bad thing about the show is that it meant I wasn’t able to eat dinner at the surprise birthday party for Ron. it was so fun to see him (and Caroline, natch) even for a short period of time, and I wish we could have spent more time hanging out. I wasn’t able to attend their game party either, so I think all of this means I’ll just have to play rude and invite myself over to their house sometime for some Q.T.