Daily Archives: 7/11/2006

csa week 3

Because of the 4th of July, I picked up my share on friday last week. That kind of puts the pressure on my as far as eating up this weeks veggies!

pictured are 2 bags of watercress, potatoes, kale, chard bok choy, lettuce, beans, beets, and basil and parsley – just enough for a nice pesto. I don’t usually make pesto with parsley but I’ve been told that’s how you’re supposed to do it. I have a nice sack of pine nuts at home so I’ll do that tonight.


week 1: some radishes
week 2: potatoes, radishes, sage

I used the week 1 and week 2 cabbage to make 2 cabbage salads: with the week 1 dill I made a dill vinegrette for a coworkers bbq weekend before last, and that same weekend I used the rest of the cabbage and the cilantro to make a lime cilantro vinegrette. they were both awfully good. sadly, though, a head of cabbage is too much for one person to eat. happiily, I got to share the salads with my coworkers and with my family.

I used the week 2 swiss chard and beet greens to make a chard gratin:


notice the ritz cracker topping? super. I love cracker toppings.

and I had used up all the beets on my amazing beet salad.
I just finished all of week 2 lettuce today. So unless I eat a whole head of lettuce tomorrow, I’ll be behind on lettuce again for next week. oh well. that’s the way that the csa goes sometimes!