buy vs. make

I’m adding a new category called ‘buy vs. make.’ one of my resolutions for my 30 goals list was to “sew 1/4 of clothes – start with 1/4 by purchase, move towards 1/4 of wardrobe. Keep JOURNAL to show it.” obviously, I haven’t been keeping a journal to date. But now that I have so many GALLONS of lovely upholstery fabric to turn into luscious skirts, well, I’d better get started.

To start, I think I’ll measure the percent-made in terms of NUMBER OF ITEMS made+bought. And there are things that I’m not going to include in that count, for example, SOCKS. I will keep track of buying socks but I know I will never be able to make the diversity of socks that I can (and want badly to) buy. so, categories:

sweaters *this one will be super hard, b/c I haven’t knit a sweater to date.
winter accessories

and I’d like to get better at sewing so I can add

tailored jackets

things that don’t count include underwear, socks, shoes, and coats. I’m sure I could make these things, but that’s REALLY where I draw the efficiency vs. economy vs. reality line.

Now, if I really wanted to get technical, I might look back at what clothing I’ve bought since I started my 30 goals list (which was the end of september). Judging from my credit cards and bank statements and the best of my recollection:

* In March I bought a corset style top at target, some shoes, and about 3 or 4 plain tshirts.
* I bought $130 of socks in January and February. To my credit, I’ve worn them every day since.
* In November I bought 2 pairs of stretchy velour pants for knee surgery convalescence, a green wool sweater, and a cream wool cardigan from Old Navy.
* And at some point, I must have bought 3 or 4 long sleeved plain shirts from Target.

Truth be told, that’s not really so bad. (Now you all know how infrequently I buy undergarments! horrors!) Though to balance that out I’ve got… well… nothing. I didn’t even knit anything for me! so I have some work to do on the 1/4. The last thing I sewed was the silvery dress for the wedding I attended in September. But I’ve been thinking and buying stuff to make other things! I guess my first step (after making my New! Green! Skirt!) will be to document the raw materials I have and match fabric and yarn with patterns. Won’t THAT be fun for you, gentle reader? Not as much fun as it will be for me, I have the heart and soul of a photodocumentarian!