birthday preparations

so, I’m having this party on sat. and I’ve decided to do it at my place. I got most of the big housework done earlier, and then I spent at least a week obsessing about how many people I could squeeze into my apartment, but I’m gonna do it. hey, I live in NJ. either people will come, or they won’t, but I bet that it’ll err on the side of people not coming out from NYC.

so, here’s my to do list for the next few weeks so I can get everything done and ready by sat:

* clean up living room, kitchen.
* take large things to basement storage and neaten up hall closet so I can stash microwave if necessary (aka, if I don’t get a chance to make microwave table)
* wash fabric, cut skirt pieces out
* gym after work for cardio
* to bed at a reasonable hour so I don’t get sick (am feeling illish)

* gym for knee before work
* date night with the mister?
* stop at linens and things to get a basket for long socks/etc. for my bedroom
* clean up bedroom – put clothes away, put craft things away, clear off dresser as party prep.
* if time, make yummy treats for coworkers in honor of my bday to bring in on friday. aka, also stop by the grocery store to buy baking supplies.

* sweep everything as prep for houseguests who will be sleeping on floor
* make skirt (while waiting for houseguests to arrive)
* make treats for party/etc
* gym after work for knee and if time, cardio

* grocery shopping
* attend party for friend in afternoon
* get home, straighten up, make crudites, have pre-party picnic dinner with houseguests and visiting family

it certainly sounds exciting, doesn’t it? you may have noticed reference to sewing a skirt above. Yes, against all better judgement I have decided once again to undertake a last minute sewing decision. I didn’t mean to, except I *really really* want a green skirt and I *really really* need a shorter than my knees skirt and I *really really* refuse to go shopping, so I HAVE to make one. I went to the rag shop last night and came home with 3 patterns, 4 pieces of fabric (3 of which are upholstry fabric) and various threads and notions. I hope to get a jump on the setup for the skirt so I can sew it quickly on friday night… HOPE. Dream!