Daily Archives: 4/3/2006

the details

friday night nick called (while I was embarassingly enough watching desperate housewives and putting together my new bedside table) and said “I’m coming over to help you hang heavy things!”

so he put up my mirror,

put up the lamp over the dining room table,


and was agog at how dirty my feet were after walking around pre-sweeping.

saturday I woke up tired and grouchy so kicked into action. I started in the kitchen and put up the commemorative american revolution plates.

kitchenplates kitchenplates2

I also sorted through the junk boxes that had been on the floor since I (GASP) moved in, and measured for my to-be-built microwave table.

I put up two of the prints I’ve been holding onto for quite some time in the “dining nook”


and did loads and loads and loads of cleaning: ripping through at least 8 more martha stewart living magazines, sorting out craft supplies, and decluttering the coffee and dining tables. I also went through the a/v club (pile of boxes and junk under my stereo table) and made that nice and neat and swept clean.

sunday I spent the bulk of my improvement time (when I wasn’t driving around donating things in the beautiful weather, or enjoying frappes on my way home from dollar stores) hanging photographs. I have a LOT of pictures!


with close-ups for photodetail:



I also tackled the bathroom: nick and I put the shelf on hold on friday night b/c there only seems to be about 1/2″ of plaster before mysterious metal is encountered. So instead I put up my friends elvis and the hoff, and also, the dubious “best drunk award” that matt (and michelle and I) took home from the pgh mardi gras party this year. (Don’t worry Mom: I have it on very good authority that while of of us was exceptionally drunk, we won b/c our costume was SO GREAT but we were dressed as our hosts, and they though it would be self-serving if we were awarded the costume prize.)

bathhoff bathelvis

And, to make my hall complete, I put up the relgious pictures that were found in the dollar store in pittsburgh, one featuring an angel who might be pushing children off of a cliff:


not a bad weekends work, that’s for real. I still have so much to do but am in a much better place to feel like I might be able to pull together a party at my casa.

to done list.

this weekend was alarmingly productive, though I still am not 100% to done. of course, this puts me in the awkward position of having finished NEARLY enough to make me sure I can have a party at my place… hrm.

  • kitchen: shelf for microwave, microwave off of hutch
  • kitchen: get rid of junk boxes
  • kitchen: hang decorative and commemorative american revolution plates
  • kitchen: find bread machine and give away [[ this thing is seriously awol. maybe it’s in the basement? ]]
  • living room: hang photos
  • living room: hang art [[ pending arrival of new, non-broken lamp for corner of living room ]]
  • living room: sort a/v materials and clean under tv/stereo tables
  • living room: try to reconfigure stereo speaker configuration so as to afford sideways lampage
  • living room: hang light over dining table
  • bathroom: hang shelf, load up with qtips and spare rolls of TP [[ apparently,
  • bathroom: frame and hang david hasselhoff
  • bathroom: hang elvis
  • hall: hang big mirror
  • hall: hang misc. religious pictures
  • hall: donate big bags of clothes/books and get out of home
  • hall: put all boxes into the basement
  • living room: finish sorting through/recycling martha stewart magazines
  • living room: put away craft things that are out
  • living room: clean off dining table [[ nearly done. I crossed off anyway b/c it’s good for my morale. ]]
  • living room: put away papers from coffee table
  • living room bonus project: replace coffee table with two end tables from basement
  • bedroom: finish putting away craft things
  • bedroom: put together bedside table
  • bedroom: get and use fabric boxes for nylons and knee socks
  • bedroom: take chinese peasant paintings to be framed, hang when received
  • bedroom: clean off dresser

ha, and don’t worry. photos aplenty coming up.