Daily Archives: 4/25/2006

big news, so to speak.

** It was kelly’s birthday yesterday! yay kelly! **

* the foundation garment shopping went super-fine. I bought 2 very expensive, um, garments, for a grand total of $127. But it was so great! I didn’t have to do ANYTHING except try them on and wait for the fitter to bring me more. Sweet. I am totally going back there for more.

* The new skirt? Not so great when you wear it outside. it is very … volatile. definately requires a slip, that’s for darn sure. And also I got two cat-calls and nearly lost my sh*t. I am so tired of the male gaze. it’s not about how nice my legs are (’cause they are pretty darn hot), it’s about power, and I know this b/c my 6’10” daddy has legs that are exactly as great as mine, only his are 6″ longer, and no one cat-calls HIM. totally about power and not teh hottness. Big f’n jerks. I am also tired of the seemingly acceptable social construct that is spring in NYC: wherein men cannot control themselves at the sudden exposure to FLESH that has been bundled up all winter and go into a drooling, vapid, rutting season.

* it is so exciting to come home to my (still clean) beautiful apartment! big parties are the best way to finish cleaning house.

* and the biggest, weirdest news of all: I accidentally became a MARY KAY LADY this weekend. that’s right. I am now your source for skin care and premium make-up. drop me a line if you need anything. ha!