Daily Archives: 2/27/2003

Sustainable Design Exhibit!

Check this out:

If only I can get the student work that I have submitted on time. I’m kind of nervous I won’t be able to, because it’s a lot of scanning and plotting, and besides the using company materials thing, there’s also the nasty working hard at my regular job thing. Oh, the tragedy. Plus, it’s very difficult to get in touch with most of the students because they’ve all graduated. Terrible.

But I think the exhibit stuff that I have to offer is a valuable addition. It’s a good foil to a lot of the recycled materials stuff that will be there, and it’s an unusual course for NYC. Sadly. Everyone should know about sustainable design. Everyone should know how to make a building be cheaper in the long run and also use less electricity and water. Everyone should try to incorporate mixed use development into their urban planning, so there isn’t weird ghost towns after 5PM when everyone goes home from their jobs, or weird ghost towns between 8 and 6 when everyone is at their jobs. Everyone should learn about the true cost of oil, about how we’ve been subsidizing the low cost for years and years by military spending. Or about the true cost of clean, fresh water. Or what it really means to cancel recycling, and to have trucks move more garbage out of the city – what it means in terms of deteriorated air quality, and in wear and tear on roads.

Everyone who can, come to the exhibit. I’ll go with you. I’ll tell you all about this stuff, in more detail than you’ve ever dared to dream there was…