Daily Archives: 2/4/2003

My Knitting

Lorelei came over on Monday night and we had a little knitting party. It was great. I’ve never taught someone to knit before, and I’m a little concerned that I’m teaching her wrong, because she’s left-handed, but she seems to be getting it OK. I need to look up in Knitting Without Tears what Elizabeth Zimmerman says about teaching leftys.

And, I figured out pretty much what row I’m on for my lacy-late Christmas gift-scarf I’m working on! And I’m zipping along on that right now, too. I have been really pulling it out on the way home, I can get 2 rows in on the subway in the AM if I really get started right away.

When I was pulling out yarn for Lorelei to use, I found my sock yarn. Oh, right, I need to make socks – I had forgotten completely! And then this morning on the train I remembered my chinchilla yarn also. Damn. I had a whole line up of projects to work on before I get any new stuff, and I had totally, and conveniently, forgotten!