Daily Archives: 2/13/2003


It’s a blizzard! Whew. It is snowing so very very hard. I love it. We’re supposed to get 2 feet of snow! It started around 6 last night and has been snowing ever since.

I came to work, but it was mostly just to see who DIDN’T come to work. Bizarro, hey? But I’m tough. Not as tough as the mayor says I am (“It’s going to be a rough commute, but everybody will get there,” Mayor Michael Bloomberg said at a press briefing Monday morning. “Remember, we’re New Yorkers.” – from NY1 news) because I’m LEAVING, but I’m tough.

So like 6 states are in a state of emergency, Pataki declared NYC a snow emergency, and the streets are full of snow. It keeps piling up. As of now, Manhattan has at least a foot and Queens has up to 20 inches. Man-oh-man.

I took pictures of this, too, but it’s all film. I’m trying out a new mail away developer, so hopefully it’ll be easy and good.