Daily Archives: 2/5/2003

Belly dancing!

I went belly dancing last night! I’ve been thinking about taking a class for some time, and finally I got to it. I went to Serena Studios, which is a little bitty studio room in a rehearsal space building. The teacher, Serena, is a cool cabaret style belly dancer. It was so hard, and so easy at the same time. I was so happy while I was doing it – I’m one of those people who can’t really control happiness sometimes, and find myself laughing out loud from joy. That’s what last night was like.

So these classes are so convenient on Tuesday nights, and also pretty reasonably priced (I think I’ll buy a 10 dance-class card for 85 bucks next time I go). I am going to get a hip scarf, some yoga pants, and really try to learn to dance!

Matt was laughing at me last night, and the way I take up new hobbies with such enthusiasm. It’s true. But at least I try to stick with them, right? Even if I do seem to get busier and busier…