in japan

ranger and I are checking our internets in an internet cafe in hiroshima. I wasn:t going to, I mean, I kind of love the part about my 2 week foreign vacation where I:m not in touch with anyone at all. but they would have made me sit out front while ranger checked her emails so I thought I:d go ahead and see if anyone had responded to my birthday party invite. Not many people have, so I:m going to assume it:ll be me and my closest friends in the american legion hall in rutherford.

about japan: we:ve been here for just over a week. it seems longer because we lost two days when travelling — one to travelling and one to the international date line. we stayed in tokyo for 5 days and then kyoto for 3 and we:re in hiroshima now overnight. after today we will go to kobe, because there wasn:t any room in osaka or nara for us to stay.

this keyboard is kind of exciting. the space bar is really short and I can:t make an apostrophe. if I push a wrong button kanji comes up instead and luckily I figured out how to switch back to the roman alphabet! I don:t know if this will come up on y:alls western computers but I could be typing like this:


I just wrote: so, this is totally me typing in kanji. see. see?

we:ve been staying in ryokan, which are traditional japanese style hotels and rooms. we sleep on futons on tatami mat floors and they have yukatas, which are robes, for us to wear. it:s been really great and ranger and I haven:t wanted to kill each other so far, which is super. I obsessively map, she says. ranger talks smack about people from boston, and also, germans. we:re getting along very well and learning new and exciting things about each other. tomorrow we will see the a-bomb memorial and peace site, and then we:ll go to kobe and shop. see? perfect travelling synergy. the night after that is koya-san, where we will stay in a monestary overnight. it might be freezing cold. kyoto was really freakin: cold. koya-san is on a plateau where this guy who brought zen buddism was lead by a two headed dog that he got from a red-faced hunter. see how exciting japan is?

I:m gonna go. tonight I will find out if my 110AC camera battery adapter does awful things when plugged into japans 100AC outlets. ok, 30 min. up.