am back

I got back from a marathon travel day and returned to work yesterday. I think I’m doing ok with the jet lag, but I’m really tired! I think I travelled for about 24 hours straight – I:

  • took a train from Ueno Station (Tokyo) to Narita Airport
  • Flew for 12 hours to Chicago
  • Immigration etc.
  • Flew for 2 hours to Laguardia
  • Baggage and pack repacking etc.
  • Q33 bus to Jackson Heights
  • E train to Port Authority
  • DeKamp Bus to Upper Montclair, where my car was housed behind a friends house
  • Drove home to Rfrd.


I’ve got roughly 750 photos. I uploaded 944 from my camera memory cards last night and deleted about 200 of them b/c they were crooked dupes. Now I need to rename them and put them on teh flickr and my entire trip will be photodocumented in excrutiating detail for you all!


The trip was super great. Ranger and I traveled together very well, there were lots of amazing things to see, and I brought exactly the right amount of things in my pack to not wish I had more things or wish I’d brought less. When I got home and weighed it the pack was 35 lbs, and that includes some really pretty china I bought at the last minute. I feel ridiculously and dorkily proud of this traveling with a backpack thing – I’ve never done it before! and it went so well! being at work, though, not so great. I didn’t have as many emails as anticipated and haven’t spoken to key project managers yet – but hopefully, all is well.