Daily Archives: 4/16/2007

yay flirty thirty!

I had a really bang up super duper birthday party on sat. night at the American Legion Post in Rutherford. That place is so super, and I had so many wonderful friends come and share my birthday with me. At midnight we popped champagne and sang happy birthday as if it were New Year’s Eve. There was a dance party and special guests from out of town (Mariss! Kelly! Aurora! Jesse! Cousin John! and Serena, even though from now on she counts as a local!) and I just had so much fun. I didn’t take many photos because I was busy having way too much fun.

so now I’m flirty thirty! or dirty thirty, depending on when you catch me, i guess. super. I’m so happy to have my 20s behind me and am looking forward to #30 being a Year of Beauty.