pure! glamour!

you know what’s glamarous? working until 10:30 PM on a friday night.

at work they have semi-promoted me to a phase manager of a big ol’ project and I am mildly stressing out. my boss has told me that 1. the project is v. impt and when the project manager says to jump, I jump, and 2. that I was recommended for a mid-year promotion but the big big big boss suggested it become a 3/4 year promotion and also, a promotion contingent on me not screwing up this big ol’ project. Well! so today we had our first deliverable go out and it was the most last minute of last minute affairs because of a late approval from the PM. I didn’t get a chance to adequately review it, so I left a bunch of comments on the writer’s chair. Like, a LOT of comments. Like, lots of blue ink. I shouldn’t have HAD to review it like that because 1. the writer is supposed to be a specialist for this kind of document and also it *had* been reviewed by the PM and by the writer’s boss, but there were lots of uglifying formatting errors and there is NOTHING that makes a client doubt your science like an ugly report, sadly (and irrationally) enough. so now I’m wondering if I should take this up a level and let the PM and the writer’s boss know about the comments, or if the fact that I reviewed it after it went out is too damning to breathe a word of to anyone (except for you, dear public internets).

Outside of that, I am working to Effect Change from Within by sending emails to people’s bosses when they do a really bang-up above-and-beyond job. Like how our office administrator and drafter stayed until 7:30 getting the report together with me tonight and fedexing it around the country, and not only that, but with smiles on their pretty pretty faces. I made sure to send an email out right away and to cc all kinds of important people and to bcc the wonderful ladies who helped so they would know the were having accolades heaped upon their heads. I am a big fan of praise when it is deserved. it makes things so much Better!

best part of getting this report out? one of the copies required a handwritten note with directions as to who should receive it, and I made sure to use my new lovely fancy KarinaJean, P.E. stationary that my silly silly company provided me. Honestly! it says on the left side “CompanyName” and on the right side

“KarinaJean, P.E.

awesome! not awesome enough to make up for staying until oops, 11PM tonight, but shoot, kind of awesome, no?