Daily Archives: 8/21/2006

what I did this weekend. with More! exclamation points!

* I went running, twice! sunday was the first week of a full 20 minutes of running and I am happy to report that both my knee and the rest of me handled it like a pro!

* got my hairs cut and my toenails polished!

* I met a new baby! wee little amelia! she is wonderful! and even more so b/c instead of crying when I held her like most of my relatives do, she fell right asleep!
digicam 061

* I also cooked up a storm: eggplant and tomato risoto from world vegetarian and the dense chocolate loaf cake from how to be a domestic goddess for the baby momma and baby daddy, and a cabbage salad for a bbq.

* I went to a bbq! in brooklyn! at paula’s and cameron’s! it was fun! wine and cheese tasting! fancy sausage! seeing friends I hadn’t seen in months! the only thing it lacked, seriously, was kareoke! and it’s AMAZING, but everyone really seems to like cabbage salad. This time around it included chopped cabbage in a sesame oil, red wine vinegar, honey, and dill dressing, tossed with smashed toasted almonds. Almost Gourmet. And when I say gourmet, I’m pronouncing the “met.” That shows you how serious I am about cabbage salad!

* I went to the noguchi museum! with the CU alumni group! and it was fun! and ps, now that I’m elected to a three year term on the alumni council (did I mention that I’ve been elected to the alumni council?), I expect I’ll be attending a lot more of these CU gatherings!

* and then I took a short nap in my armchair!

* and woke up and did 3 hours of project management training while knittting industriously away on a corn baby!