Daily Archives: 8/25/2006

More of that vacation for which I am working so hard

I’m at work late b/c I’m going on vacation tomorrow again. Since my semi-promotion with associated massive increase of responsibility and introduction of a new and steeper learning curve, I’ve been kind of more stressed about going out on vacation than before. Pros: end up working lots later than usual, and I comp that overtime as vacation days. Cons: end up working lots later than usual, occasionally calling into work from the beach, and planning to go to starbucks while at assateague to take advantage of wifi and make sure all is quiet on the western front.

Anyway, I’d like to point out that my very talented friend jesse has posted some actual real swear to god knife skills to his blog. This is very important: at least 3 times this summer I’ve been chopping lazily with the biggest baddest knife I could find and have narrowly avoided losing a digit. Every single time I’ve lost instead a big old chunk of fingernail (luckily there were nails long enough to cut off) and I’ve had to stop the cooking to find the nail and remove it lest I poison someone, or worse, slash the inside of their throat. So I’m all about the knife skills these days. Then maybe people won’t be so scared to come over for dinner.