my non-heatstroke was totally worth it.

all that cooking last night was totally worth it. In honor of stacey’s cooking blog devoted to world vegetarian by Madhur Jaffrey and also my northern neighbor and friend who’s been cooking from it a lot lately, I requested the book from the library and it is AMAZING. it should be required reading for all csa members. it is about 4 inches thick and includes all kinds of vegetables and best of all, it’s indexed really really well. I’m absolutely going to buy a copy of my own.

so, all that hot sweaty cooking I referred to last night culminated in this beautiful stuffed eggplant dish:


which is not only one of the best tasting but the easiest eggplant recepes I’ve ever made. I’m pretty scared of eggplant because it can be so bitter, but this was brilliant! It was good after I made it and it was even better today at lunch. I might eat it again for dinner. Supertasty.