CSA Week 9


cubanelle peppers, white and purple eggplant, basil, potatoes, peaches, tomatoes, kohlrabi stems? and 2 jars of honey.

when I first picked up the share I thought maybe I had grabbed something fancy and not meant for me! the giant bunch of basil and the 2 jars of honey threw me – but the farmer posted to her blog that she’d traded for some south jersey wild flower honey. it’s unpasteurized, too, which means I’ll have to be a little faster about eating it once it’s open. it looks SO GOOD.

Now I’m wondering if I can “grill” peaches on the broiler or should I invest in a grill pan. I asked my friend jesse in his new cooking blog (which is super! awesome! a must-read!) cause y’all know what’s good with honey: grilled peaches. Dizam!

I’m still due for the tomato-eggplant risotto from world vegetarian. my copy of the book came while I was at the beach. And I am going to visit a friend in bklyn who recently gave birth on sat., so I want to bring her something to eat too.

week 6: beans.
week 7: cabbage, eggplant, green pepper, cranberry beans.
week 8: potatoes, beets, radishes, mint, basil, hot peppers, chard, purple and thai eggplant.

I had to toss the chard and the beans from week 5 but brought all the tomatoes with me to the beach and ate them up. I am hoping to go to a bbq on sat. where bringing some kind of elaborate cabbage dish would be appropriate. And I MUST cook the cranberry beans because they are so weird and good sounding.