birthday party!

I had a really fantastic time at my party.

to start with, troy, carin, and aurora came to help me clean up on friday. here’s a photo of us all post-party. They are teh greatest!
digicam 080

also teh greatest: dan aaron and meredith, who were ultra helpful too and also who sharpened my kitchen knives to hair splitting precision.

digicam 077

I love this picture b/c it shows off my very pretty living room wall:

digicam 002

Pictured (clockwise) are carin, troy, paul, aurora, delia, dan aaron, and meredith.

here’s some people looking respectible in the kitchen:

digicam 004

(gabbi, mike t., michelle, rob, and stacey).

and here’s some people looking not so respectible in the kitchen:

digicam 006

me and my doppelganger (yeah RIGHT, right?) jenn c.

there was cake, the obligatory champagne toast,

digicam 011

and deviled eggs.

digicam 075

it was a very super party! the whole set of photos are here.>