Day in review

  • Internet, I did it. I had to disassemble and redo it 2x and it took 2.5 hrs, but: I totally took it all apart! And it works now! Yay! #
  • Here are the leftovers: shattered touch screen, and 3 leftover pieces. I'm pretty sure I don't need them. Streamlined! #
  • and here are all of the innards of the iphone post-taking the old screen off! (which was STUCK so I chipped it off!) #
  • Ha! RT @Johnny_Number_5: @karinajean No Disassemble! #
  • Not to be all "oh hey I disassembled and reassembled my iPhone," but it's now running hot! Hopefully it won't conflagrate from inside out. #
  • Hello/goodbye Detroit airport. Onwards to Reno, via Salt Lake City! #

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