Daily Archives: 5/2/2011

Motorcycling with Seven

Mike and I took Seven out for a ride on Saturday! We had a few firsts –

  • First time I had a passenger on my bike;
  • First time Seven got to ride on the DRZ;
  • First time Seven tried out his awesome new motorcycle jacket (which is still way too big for him);
  • First time Mike tried out his new helmet;
  • First time Seven got on the bike, rode for a little, signaled for me to stop, and peed by the side of the road; and
  • First time of the year we rode to ice cream!

note: I hate this photo, because the cheek pads are still too tight and I have dramatic chubby face syndrome. thinner pads are on the way.

It was really so fun. I was worried about passengering someone – especially sweet little Seven! but he is so light and sits so still that it wasn’t a problem. He liked that he can touch the pegs AND lean against my top case – on Mike’s kawi he can’t reach the passenger back rest and hang on to Mike at the same time.


also of note: we strapped him into boots that may be 2 sizes too large, but we tied them up REALLY TIGHT so they wouldn't come off. he walked like a diver.

We still need to get real pants for the boys, and we especially need to get them some more seat time so they can build butt endurance and we can start to go on longer trips together. Twelve (he’s twelve now! not Eleven!) hasn’t been out since last year either, and now that he’s so aged he is victim to that horrible tweenish falling-asleep-all-the-time thing now – so we have to make sure he doesn’t conk out on us while on the bike.

We also had an interesting conversation with the boys yesterday when Seven asked why he had to wear boots on the motorcycle and of course being safety kid I said “so if you fall off your ankle bones don’t shatter into a million pieces.” I told them about people I know who’ve shattered ankles and have metal plates in their legs now to hold everything together. And then we played “spot the squid” on the way home from visiting my parents. (If this conversation was on twitter I would hashtag it with #protectingchildrenwithuglyscarytruths.)