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Sunday 4/17/10 Ride

After sleeping nearly 12 hours straight and thanking our lucky stars we were out of the rain on Sat. night, on Sunday morning Mike and I headed out to meet friends for brunch.

I was on my DRZ (natch) and he was on his 2007 Kawasaki Vulcan 1500 Classic – which he had to hose off before we left. Cruisers always look worse when they’re dirty than other motorcycles. it’s the fault of the CHROME.
We also had to change the air in the tires before going too far. First day out and all that.

it was a gorgeous day for a ride!

We planned to meet up with Michelle and Steve at the Birdsall House in Peekskill NY. We headed out across the Bear Mountain Bridge (of course I have no photos – I was riding!) and got there in good time.

(oh hey look at those handsome motorcycles in the background!)

Michelle and Steve, on the other hand, were stuck in the parking lot that was the flooded Sawmill Parkway on their way up from Brooklyn. So we had to eat with out them.
Delicious deep fried soft boiled egg over polenta, wilted spinach, and roasted mushrooms.
ZOMG maple bacon ice cream with apple butter and a cornmeal waffle.

After we ate, we hopped (being a relative term which does not adequately describe the rolling motion required by our very full bellies) back on the bikes and headed down to Sleepy Hollow, where Michelle and Steve had stopped for their own Thai lunch. and then after chatting for a good long time we headed home. We took the direct route back when we got a glimpse of the imminent black cloudiness only to be rewarded by an icy cold super windy rain storm that may have included some hail. Mike was about to complain about how much the rain hurt his hands (it was that icy needles kind of rain for a bit) and then he remembered that I didn’t have a windshield and was being struck in the chest by these same horrible needles and bit his tongue. Of course my armored gloves kept my fingers from feeling anything horrible – an unexpected benefit from extreme safety gear.

By the time we got home the rain had cleared up and we saw a rainbow! And we headed in for some hot milky tea, tomato soup, and cheese and crackers. The perfect dinner after our amazing and excessive lunch.

Such a nice ride out. I can’t wait to go back to the Birdsall House – they cure their own meat! in house! and have a charcuterie plate! and use local farms for their food! Excitement!