Daily Archives: 4/10/2011

Momo Mileage

The (incredibly awesome and highly recommended) motorcycle forum I spend most time at has started an annual mileage competition – it’s all in good fun, so you post your mileage at the beginning of each year, and you get to see how far you’ve gone.


IMG_0815 photo


The first photo is from 4/4/10, and the second is from 4/10/11. Amazingly I’ve put almost exactly 5,500 miles on the DRZ! and I say amazingly only because it’s such a nice round number. In all actuality, I would have put way more on but my poor bike didn’t turn on one sad morning in late July. I mean, it turned on fine… but it didn’t turn OVER. and I took it apart and did everything you’re supposed to do to the spark plugs and air filter and all kinds of things but couldn’t get the carb apart to clean it out, and it turns out that there was a PIN HOLE in the tube that goes between the petcock and the carb. so I don’t know if I’d have figured that out anyway. And THEN we were so busy through August and September and October and November (which was still pretty nice) that I missed out on probably about 25 at least ride-to-work days which would have given me an easy extra 2,500 miles.

Oh well! this year will be massively better. for sure.