(crafty) retreat weekend

not last weekend, but the one before, some girlfriends and I went on one of our semi-regular crafty retreat weekends. It was super. I got to try exciting juices like apple mint, and spent lots of time outside in the sun in funny hats:

nice hat!

kayte has pointed out that we don’t do a lot of crafting on these things, and it’s true. I rarely get anything done. Ranger told me I ought to for this weekend, but it just didn’t happen. there was too much lying down:

digicam 064

cowboy sarah

too much hiking to fabulous view points:

pratt rock panoon top of bizarro monuments to an American Statesmen (and tanner):Pratt Rock

and too much of watching streams and dipping our toes into the snow-melt run off. (BRR!)

we all dipped our toes for 10 sec

it is so idyllic up there: just six of us making a home together for the weekend in the most friendly and helpful ways we can. just a bunch of girls getting outside of our real lives and living simply and happily through a sunny weekend. I have this thing where I need badly to build community in my life, and I’m so happy to have this one.
plus, on the way home? lorelei and I hit a barn sale jackpot. super!