FINALLY the new year can begin!

all of us

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went to lovely brunch at buddha bodhai with the girls. About 4 or 5 years ago we started meeting for new year’s brunch on NYday so we could ring in the new year with our beautiful, smart, strong lady friends. we’ve slipped the last couple of years from the actual day (it’s hard when people live all over the country!), but sunday we were able to get together for vegan dim sum and of course, I made everyone get together for a dorky myself-and-another photo after the yummy yummy food. It was so great!

and FINALLY I can start the new year. I have really wonderful feelings about it from here on out. YAY.

(more photos here, including the FAMOUS VEGAN JELLYFISH DISH. Mmm, slippery and gelatinous and noodly, all at the same time.)