Daily Archives: 2/13/2006


we got about 2 feet of snow this weekend. it was pretty great, I stayed in for most of it, was snowed in with the beau and that was pretty darn wonderful. It did mean that almost all of my weekend plans were canceled, but it also meant I got to watch some olympics.

sunday night the beau drove me home and helped me to shovel out my car. by helped, I mean, he shoveled out my car. the knee doctor on friday morning told me that if there was a blizzard I shouldn’t go outside and I took him at his word. I am so glad that the mister could dig me out.

here’s my little car, an exercise in natural windtunneling. The car was nearly covered by drifts and it looks like the wind was blowing from front to back because there was some definite wind-related drift scour that looks like it could mimic air flow over the insight. I sketched on the snow line and the approximate car body line on this camera-phone photo: