I guess even though I don’t think anyone is reading this except for my mom and occasionally a couple of friends, I don’t feel like updating that often, especially when things are so low. suffice it to say: things are very rough. I’m still blue about work. I’m stressing about the PE. my apartment is a filthy disgusting mess, and there are weird interpersonal things to deal with. I’m hoping everything will work out but lately I’ve been feeling like nothing is easy or right in my life except for my killer guacamole. And now that avocados aren’t in season, what is there? it’s hard to stay positive when the avocados aren’t in season any more. It’s all I had left, that is, except for the lesser known works of louisa may alcott (who is now my only comfort).

This weekend I tried to clean my home so at least I’d have a safe place to retreat to. But I got distracted by other things that were more pressing, and now I’m wracked with indecision:

Do I clean up my whole apartment so it’s all done, unpacked, moved in, and quickly so?
or do I finish painting my entranceway and bedroom and THEN unpack all my stuff and be emphatically moved in?

I’m thinking of a sick day this week so I can paint. I really need it. I need to take some time and clean the apartment and get some little things out of the way and clear my to do lists so all I have to do this week is study for my PE. I will have to take sick days later in the month for that, too. There’s no way I can get it all done on weekends. Gosh. I got some books on tape from the library for my painting and cleaning and unpacking day. It will be awesome.

In work news, it was slightly cathartic to tell the corporate HR guy why I think people are leaving the company in our weird employee retention brainstorming session. But then, I have a tendency to let go of things after I say them out loud, to assume that the other party will hear my feed back and resolve the problems. That probably isn’t happening.

In blog news: because I’m not in pittsburgh anymore I think I’ll have a new blog topic: the eggs benedict review. I love eggs benedict, and have a firm idea of what hollandaise sauce should taste like. It’s something I always get at diners in NJ, and if there’s one thing NJ has a lot of, it’s diners. Much like PGH and her fish sandwiches.

other blog news: I really love the google toolbar spell checker. It’s exactly what I needed b/c the version of word press I’m using doesn’t have that feature.

In spendthrift news: I’m getting an mp3 player. I think it’ll be great at the gym. There’s a lot of radio podcasting things that I want to get in on, and listening to them on the laptop when I am sitting around isn’t the best way to hear things. But I’m not going to get the sleeky, shiny, and bitsy ipod nano, I’m going for the innovative, utiliatarian, multifunction, and bitsy muvo tx fm player. it’s got a radio! and is a flash drive! and is very small! it should be good. plus, I have an internet girlfriend who works at creative so I will get a slightly reduced price. Sweet.

In apartment news: I’ve been meaning to have a lot of things framed, and the framing store in my little town is having a framing special: 16×24 for $30, 24×36 for $40. I don’t know if this is a good price, but I’m going to look it up. I have a LOT of things that need to be framed!

There. Not too blue, but a solid list of things that are going on. mostly, I’m crazified. Mostly. Hopefully it will be better soon. I anticipate post-october, for sure. Perhaps earlier. PERHAPS.