Daily Archives: 10/21/2005

Several things.

So, this last week? has been primo busy.

1. Office move. I am now working out of our new, bright, shiny, pristine, no, PRISTINE, Edison office. I was at work last friday until 11PM packing my things and trying to clear off my plate, I had a bunch of files and reports that I didn’t want to move with, and had to review or send to people, so it was a good (though LATE NIGHT) opportunity to get some outstanding things done.

2. PE test. It’s next friday, 10/28. I am stressed, concerned, worried, and also, frustrated that I have to use a vacation day to sit for an excruciating, non-fun professional exam that will allow my company to bill me out at a higher rate. Something about a personal investment as well, but heck, I guess that’s what I was considering my $850 review course fee. I envision a brain fever coming over me, and having to stay out of work to nurture my noggin.

3. PE test. Also, because this PE test is so big, there’s another item. I NEED TO STUDY MORE. heck, I need to study! truth be told I only started studying last week. Sure, I went to a spendy review course but I don’t know if that counts as studying. I have to get cracking. I do NOT want to take this twice, no-sir-ee-bob. fo’shizzle.

4. Home Life. I am tired all the time. so tired. Also, I am getting home primo late and not having time to do much more than read a little, eat ice cream for dinner (it’s ok, right, b/c I’m not actually eating dinner too. sure.), and go to sleep. The heat has come on in my apartment and it hisses in my bedroom. I turned the radiator mostly off, but it seems like it only comes on around 6AM, when I mostly should be getting up anyway. The first night it hissed, stopped, hissed, stopped, and I woke up kind of happily, because I thought it was a piece of experimental music that I’d heard the day before playing on the radio. not so much, so the next time it woke me up I wasn’t as cheerful.

5. Experimental Music. Speaking of music, I got an MRI on monday. The different sounds the machine makes as it magnetizes you are so wild. People have told me it’s white sound and they fall asleep, but I was fascinated. Especially when a ray gun sound came in. The different cadences and beats coupled with the weird mechanical tonalities really made me wish I were an experimental music composer and I could write an MRI suite, or something. I don’t know when my doctor will look at the MRI, or when I’ll get surgery of some sort. But hopefully soon.

6. Matt and I went to sheep and wool, and he bought me my birthday present: a spinning wheel! it won’t come until sometime in November. More to follow, for sure. we also bought a whole lot of lamb for eating. yum.

7. Week before I got a call saying my hybrid was in! and then I got another call saying WAIT! don’t come to albany! it’s not in! it won’t be in until MID-DECEMBER! So, I am totally not getting the civic, though I still want to drive it – I need to get a new car in November b/c my car is so rusty and holey (but not in a Godly manner) that it will most probably not pass inspection, and it has to by the end of November for me to continue driving it. THEREFORE, I will get an insight, for realz. As soon as, you know, I Take The PE Exam.

and there you have it. 7 things, 7 days I didn’t update, nearly the same, no?