Daily Archives: 2/10/2005

updated styles

so, I’m really looking for a job, and by looking for a job I mean “uploading a new style to the ol’ blog.” I’m trying out something called kubrick which I really appreciated b/c of the horizontal buttons across the top. But I’m coming to accept that to make this look like what I want it to I’m going to have to hunker down and do some larnin’.

and I should keep this link handy for when I’m ready to prettify.


I was on the bus this morning standing next to two young men talking about binge drinking.

I didn’t really catch on for a while, but you know, I’m still new yorker enough to eavesdrop shamelessly, and once I heard the one with big hair and a small face say “yeah, when I get there I’ll just do five shots straight and then join the party. with a beer number 1 chaser, and then a beer number 2 chaser, and then a beer number 3 chaser, and then a beer number 4 chaser.” I had no idea that people planned binge drinking so carefully! True, I used to go to parties with tequila (carefully decanted into a rubbermaid drink container), lime, a salt shaker, and 2 shot glasses (it all fit so nicely in Gabulo’s purse), but that was less of a planned binge than a “I don’t like beer, and also for some reason people think it’s incredibly shocking and fun but in a totally respectful way that I do tequila shots” kind of thing. “I showed up and had five shots of jaegermeister. Is that 70 or 80 proof? anyway…”

So I’m standing there in the bus aisle, hanging on to a strap, and I thought “these whippersnappers!” and THEN I thought “heck, I am an old lady!” and then I thought “that’s fine. at least I don’t have to worry about adolescent alcoholism anymore. I’m so glad I’m not 19.”

And then I missed my bus stop because I was too busy eavesdropping and the bus driver didn’t open the back door. He said the back door only opens downtown. I should think not! Or maybe those are his personal bus rules.