Daily Archives: 2/8/2005

the year of knitting for ME.

I’ve noticed a lot of my friends seem to be knitting for themselves, which makes me feel PILES better about it. I am interested in only knitting for myself too, lately. I finished up a pair of voodoo wrist warmers that I MEANT to wear when riding my bike (nevermind that I haven’t really gotten back on that bike since it turned wet and chilly, despite my new and uninstalled fenders).

I have a charming eyelet skirt on the needles, and have had since summertime. I’m still working on the first 1/2 of it. It’s kind of slow going. It would be faster if I took it out of the bag more often.

When I was in TN I finished up a new pair of mittens. I had lost mine last winter, and needed a new pair badly! It went very well when I was visiting and gave me something to do with my hands.

Right now I’m working on a pair of Regia Ringel Socks. (the colorway I’m using isn’t on there exactly, but it’s greens and blues. They are going WONDERFULLY. I am so excited by how quickly they’re growing (especially now that I have finished the 1×1 ribbing at the top) and think I’ll walk over to the local yarn store today on my way home to try to purchase some plain black sock yarn so the heels aren’t stripy. It really is fun to see what colors come out of the skein next, and I have a seriously hard time putting the sock down. But it’s all for the best, because if I put it down I don’t want to have to worry about not picking it back up, no?

I am totally knitting away tonight. Maybe I’ll get to turn the heel!

Fish Sandwich blog notice!

I DO keep meaning to have a fish sandwich blog. Pittsburgh has got a lot of fish sandwiches, and I love them. There’s 2 best ways to eat fish, as far as I’m concerned: fried, or raw. I plan to carry a ruler with me and order and eat fish sandwiches in a methodical and scientific manner.

So far I have missed plenty of opportunities!
I have eaten fish sandwiches at:
The Union Grill
Fuel and Fuddle
and Eat’n’Park.

And passed up fish sandwiches at any NUMBER of places.
Hopefully this will be a better way to get reviewing.

another day, another non-dollar

I am sort of officially done with my thesis: done in the sense that my advisor said I had fulfulled my requirements, and as far as the dept. is concerned I’m done. I am still waiting for thesis review to finish up, and because it involves a committee (aka lots of people) I do not anticipate really finishing until the end of march.

that said, am getting ready for interviewing. today is my GET A JOB LEGWORK day, although I am sure I’ll substitute that for FOOL AROUND ON THE INTERNET day. will do my best to stand firm. mostly firm. Everytime I look at this unfinished WP page I want to get everything right and shiny and pretty on karinajean. I flew to tennessee and back last week and thought “if I had a laptop this airport time would be PERFECT for website fixing.” Instead I read 7 books. I am a beast when it comes to book finishing! I wish I could get a job doing THAT.