Daily Archives: 11/6/2002

A very grouchy morning. But a very happy day.

I’m a big grouch today. There’s no reason why – just being tired, and being at work, and dark dank weather. So, I think I’ll ignore it. Or, pout and stamp my feet until I crack my own self up at how ridiculous I can be.

Maybe I’m grouchy because cnn.com sent me a news article and it had the subject “TOTAL CONTROL.” I’m a little nervous about the next 2 years. OK, maybe more than a little nervous. But lately, and it’s a terrible form of cynicism that’s been developing, lately I find my self thinking “ok, so, everything will go down the tubes. That’s ok. Cause after it’s all fucked up, maybe people will start thinking straight about how to actually FIX things and GET THINGS DONE. I wouldn’t be so concerned about the election results if I didn’t know that certain political parties will see this as “The Voice of the American People,” sanctioning a hateful and poorly explained (and often personal) agenda. In the last two years I’ve been too disgusted by politics to really follow them, but I think I’ve gotten over it. I’m going to start paying attention again, and start educating those around me.

Today is my three-year anniversary with Mr. Matt. We have been seeing each other for three years, following a good 10 months or so of serious crushing on each other. Everything I can say about him or being with him sounds trite and mushy. Oh, and also, I feel (kind of superstitiously) that writing about your love on your website has the potential of turning out like getting their name tattooed on your person. Y’know.

A little observation about 7th Heaven – is there someone out there who really really really thinks this is a funny show? I mean, some of the weirdest, most bizarre, most non sequiterial things happen on this show, like, characters who are “in love” and are “going to get married”slowly drive each other insane, almost on purpose! And I know someone sat down and wrote these words. I know that person thinks they’re humorous, or that they create some kind of story line, and the make total sense, but when I watch the show? I’m not watching it because it’s funny, or interesting, but because it’s freakin’ weird. Really, really freakin’ weird. I almost wonder if the people responsible for 7th Heaven are also responsible for those strange strange Sprint PCS ads (really, read this sentence out loud, slowly: “you were a little bored so you thought you’d try some kung fu.” The hell?)