Daily Archives: 11/4/2002

Sunday was a very cold day for working, but perfect for running.

Back to work today. I have to say, it’s not so easy to get back into the working swing of things after you’ve gone off and worked all weekend, too. And also please note that I was not the one running this weekend. That refers to the NYC marathon.

I started to get out my towel project for gifts this weekend, but I didn’t have much time to work on it. Actually, I started to, and then managed to knock a glass off of the ironing board and it fell, and I had a “nooooo!” moment, and then it smashed. So I needed to clean that up, and by the time I did, Michelle had gotten up and we had a fun morning filled with pastries for breakfast instead.

I’m getting kind of stressed out over my planned Christmas projects. Lake Nasty is ruining my life! I should be at home parked on the couch by 7 pm knitting my little heart out as I listen to the washing machine scrub my clothes clean, but instead, I’m working until 9 or 10 pm every night, and wasting time in the morning hunting for my last pair of clean black tights. Or, I was last week. I don’t think I can maintain that kind of pace this week too! Tonight I hope to get home at a normal hour, and I hear from our computer folks that Wednesday the server will be inaccessible from 5:30 to 8:30 pm. Ha! Technology can be so helpfully broken sometimes.

I’ve been wondering if I can take a piece of roving (combed fleece for spinning) and draft it out so it’s thin and fluffy, like unspun yarn, and use that to knit on very big needles. I want to make some charity scarves with glitter this week, and want them to go fast.

Highlights of this weekend:

Seeing Mariss and Kelly, who have moved far far away.

Seeing Jen from work running in the marathon. Yay! Michelle, John and I were so excited to see her that we stayed and clapped for another hour, cheering on strangers. Marathon runners are tough and stubborn. They’re so cool.


Working for 7 hours on sat., and another 4 on Sunday. I knew they turned off the heat in here on the weekends but didn’t know they also turned off the hot water as well. I kept going to the bathroom to run the hot water over my freezing cold and sore hands, but it never got hot! Brrr. At least this justifies all of the expensive tea from www.adagio.com that I bought. Warm tea = warm hands.

The chicken at the new tacquerita around the corner from me. I will eat just about anything, even chicken backs with those nasty black neck bones when we were poor, but this chicken was, to quote Michelle, “gacky.�