Daily Archives: 3/27/2014

Thanks Mary, Kathy, Jennifer, Jeff C, Darlene, Judy, Judi, and Ida! @aerostichdesigns so excited about new suit. http://t.co/j94CPbHPXZ

Ready! For! Adventure! Kamen Rider! Gokaiger! I choose you! http://t.co/1T8h5SJihM

Trying out my new @AerostichDesign roadcrafter on my pretend motorcycle! http://t.co/eXYGmRMpIV

These mittens are AMAZEBALLS, people. (Also hoping they will coerce warmer weather.) ravelry.com/patterns/libra… http://t.co/vCMPrhg9wD

Fourteen, rifling through my glovebox and pulling out a box cutter and my multitool: “how many weapons do you NEED?” #justtoolsIswear