Monthly Archives: February 2014

Augustus Gloop is the dreamiest.

“Now, let’s go over the valid reasons to accuse someone of lying as they report their sexual abuse history”

Oh hey check out this fine example of a cantilever barn.

easy no-knead rustic sourdough loaf! w. this recipe: next time a smaller pot for taller loaf?

Oh, 12 inches of snow, you are so heavy and tiresome.

Working at home with a foot of snow that needs shoveling is conducive to @mikegrundy route planning our spring motorcycle trip to Maine!

Car nearly covered / need the tall snow boots for shoveling today.

The world is so quiet when we have a big ol’ snowstorm and a snow day and everyone stays home. So thankful I can work from home.

This, people, THIS is why weather drama llamas shouldn’t be paid attention to until the day of the storm.…

That moment when, having slept in and NOT gone running, wake up and check the weather and it’s 2degF and you stop guilt/start vindication.

In the words of Violet, sweet Ella is “Inconsistent.” Luckily she’s also a cat, so the occasional swipe and ankle grab are appropriate.

In @mikegrundy and I have new kitty news: slept HORRIBLY while hearing all the new kitty investigations and hoping she was feeling at home.

In new kitty news: she has found all the holes in the walls, investigated, and COME BACK OUT AGAIN. I think she likes us.

Claiming @mikegrundy‘s laptop hands in the name of her people.

Maybe this will work out – she’s already lying all over my keyboard. #punkykitty

Ella has already found the mouse watching spot.

Deciding if she’ll keep us.