Daily Archives: 5/27/2013

8 hrs of yardwork later (involving pickaxe, lawn tractor, and weed wacker) our yard looks AMAZEBALLS. In the dark. http://t.co/CsBr0EifVS

This pile of weeds and trees was hiding the pretty: http://t.co/3shuxoxKAc

I really should have taken a before picture. Look! We have a peony! And iris! And our rhododendron is flowering! http://t.co/Lae5DNx9Df

Everyone read all of this! Article on Straight White Male Gamer Easy Mode comment reactions. Esp my little dudes. cracked.com/blog/5-gamer-c…”

I skipped my run and weeded100s of baby maple trees instead. Also please note: poison ivy I am NOT pulling today: http://t.co/akKvcnJ5Ex

That time you slept in too long and you need to go for a run but now you’re hungry too and heck what to do first? #probsrun