Daily Archives: 4/1/2013

this is the article about internet dating that I wish I had written after my time in trenches. salon.com/2013/03/31/my_… @ANNELAMOTT!

how timely that this helpful list of how NOT to profile female scientists was just recently published. cjr.org/the_observator… #notsoonenough

Easter Sunday

Took the boys out and made them try running in the morning. Thirteen is in love with Lacrosse but we are trying to work with him on his stamina so he’s amazing.

Then there was a playground.


Made a cake to bring to dinner at my in-laws house! This Nigella Lawson flourless chocolate cake is consistently more delicious than I think it will be.


We dropped the boys off with their mom and came home to gorge on cookies and last season Doctor Who. Too late to bed, now struggling to get up. Sigh!