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Y’all, my library accepts PAYPAL!

I went online today to renew a book that was very nearly overdue and discovered that y’all: My library accepts PAYPAL!

I am historically TERRIBLE at returning books on time to the library. Sometimes I’m just lazy, sometimes I’m selfish and hang onto books  I haven’t even started for an extra week so I have a chance to read them. I imagine that my local librarians ruefully appreciate my tiny donations to their budget while trying to manage their frustration at my book hoarding.

I’m excited that I can pay off my fines in this faceless way – I don’t have to feel so apologetic, or struggle with that weird feeling of justification that it’s ok, it’s FUNDING THE LIBRARY. But first I think I’d better check with my local librarian to see if they see this paypal money or if I’m better off handing them the cold hard cash directly.


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Geraniums may depress kittehs

Our temporary cat has been eating all out geraniums. He left them alone for months! But has recently discovered them.

He has also been moping around moreso than usual. Even more corners are say in and mewed at.

Thursday I checked Dr Internet and determined that geraniums are toxic to cats – and worse! – a symptom of ingestion is depression. So I called Mike right away and asked him to move all the plants that Book eats to the laundry room. Today he took things a step further: he put up the shelf we’ve had for years and cleaned the room. It’s amazing in there now! These plants will thrive.


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Strange footprints


I found some strange tracks near my car this morning. The Internet tells me they are squirrel: five fingers in the back, four in the front.

As I took this photo Twelve was walking down to the bus stop and asked me what I was photoing… When I told him “crazy footprints” he didn’t even want to look, and shrugged his way down the driveway leaving the impression that he’d only asked me because, clearly, he is Twelve. Duh.