Daily Archives: 10/27/2011

Goodwill find

When I first had morning coffee with Mike – the very first time – he bashfully served me from some NestlĂ© globe cups. He has two, and he’d bought them in the early 90s at a flea market. He would have bought more but he didn’t have the cash.

The bashful grown man showing off this special thing to me so shyly when we were still getting to know each other was incredibly endearing (*cough* and attractive!).

Tonight we were at Goodwill and I found him in the dishes aisle. He’d found a whole bunch of those mugs, and was kind of staring at them in wistful disbelief. “Do you want them” I asked? And we got a basket post haste and filled it up.


Now we have a set of 14! And we even found a sugar and creamer. Amazing!


Retirement Plans

karinajean: hey if I retire at age 62 I will qualify for $x,xxx/mo social security benefits.

Mike: I’m somewhere in there too, we should be ok, with the paid-for house, tax discount, massive garden, chickens, goats and cow.

karinajean: all we need cash money for is to pay dem durn revenuers. we can make, grow, and steal everything else we need, sweetheart!


All my yarning

I’ve been on a huge knitting kick lately. I love to use ravelry – it makes it so easy to keep track of your yarn and the patterns you’ve intended to use it for. People used to (and many still do!) make a copy of the pattern and put it in a bag with the yarn and store it neatly somewhere until they’re ready to begin work on it… but I have never been that organized, and I hate using a bunch of ziploc bags if I don’t strictly have to.

Here’s a terrible screen-shot of all the yarn in my stash:

I downloaded an excel spreadsheet and added up all the yarn I have – starting quantities and what I currently have, after knitting a bunch over the last year or so.

Beginning Quantity: 15.10 miles!

Current Quantity: 14.02 miles!

I’ve knit 1.08 miles of yarn! AMAZING!

Even though my queue has a list of 24 patterns in it that’s already matched with yarn, even though there’s a bunch of yarn not currently matched to ANYTHING, and even though I will roughly NEVER finish that list of “to-knits” up, this makes me feel accomplished and excited.

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