Monthly Archives: October 2010

Working from home: listening to the weird albums I’ve acquired and never listened to, drinking pots and pots of tea; ala trendy coffee shop!

frustrated that @flickr can’t seem to get it together with iphone EXIF uploads. @mobilefotos app WAS able to do this, today doesn’t work!

the house is at 55deg. after getting home hot from running the morning has been a pendulum of overcompensatory personal comfort decisions.

oh hey! it’s @pedexing ‘s birthday today! AND THE HAPPINESS SHALL ENSUE.

for @jessypie: recipe for savory bread pudding in a pumpkin! and it was DELICIOUS.

working at home today up to run at 6AM instead of 5. I like 5AM better: more stars/less cars. PLUS it’s actually a tiny bit warmer at 5!

In the oven there’s savory bread pudding cooking inside of a pumpkin, and brussel sprouts merrily roasting in bacon grease. #awesomedinner

I’m normally a pretty inclusive feminist, but today I feel like taking away f-cards. and by cards, I mean card. of one specific person.

Miraculously we are snug as rug bugs before 10pm. Steps to a beautiful life! (see you at 5am!)

Even tho’ it was impossibly hard to roust troops to football on time this morning it’s an amazing beautiful day to sit in a field for hours.

didn’t buy yarn at rheinbeck, but llama roving for my haven’t-started-spinning-yet. spent leftover$ on pork butts fm @fleishers on way home!

We haven’t turned on the heat yet, but our 57deg house does call for down comforters all around. No furnace ’till November! Maybe!

spent 1.5 hrs in cold dark rain at youth football, then dealt with practice aftermath for 7 who was too cold and too tired to stop wailing.

It occurs to me that the motion I used this morning to describe movement of the ball and socket hip joint can be described as “jazz hands.”

I have totally misplaced a purple ball of yarn. so frustrating! I looked everywhere! um, has anyone received a purple gift from me lately?

another epic meltdown by 11. this kid is so tired – why would one think early AM school and late night sports is a good idea for preteens?

court is done – judge heavyhandedly steered us to mediator; agreement entirely in our favor but with a 2 YEAR PAYBACK PERIOD. #anticlimactic

I know courts aren’t friendly, but when there’s no room inside and no way to tell if you’re called fm hallway, I call structural violence.

another night of never being able to find what I need to find in this house of clutter. so hugely frustrating.

argh, totally wrecked sleepy Eleven checking math hmwk. he’s doing work right in his head, showing it wrong “like I’m sposed to” (he sobs)